Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where are all my accounting tweeps?

I've been experimenting with twitter for a few weeks now and I'm beginning to come to a conclusion.  Accountants don't tweet.  Well not many of them at least.   Or if they are out there, they are disguising themselves as marketing enthusiasts or gadget geeks and hiding their true identity.  Or is it that they are hidden in cyberspace between the volumes of marketing enthusiasts and gadget geeks like needles in a haystack? Mmm.. potentially, but I don't think so.  #Accounting gets me nothing but job ads and students complaining about falling asleep in class.

So - what is with this?  Is tweeting not practical enough for accountants?  Are they shy?   Do they think there will be no interest in their tweets?  Or do they frankly think they'll have no interest in the tweets of others? 

Management accountants (aka 'finance' folks) should be intrigued by the potential of social media for the companies with which they work.  The cost-effective alternative of digital media versus traditional media should spark interest with even the most conservative of our clan.   I believe Twitter gets dismissed by many social media virgins because they think it's only purpose is for the self-absorbed to tell the world that they are going to the bathroom, or to the store, or that they have a book to sell.   But, as a new convert, I say don't knock it til you've tried it.

Why should you sign up?  Here are three great reasons for those in Accounting and Finance to jump on board with twitter:

1.  You can get loads of free advice.  Twitter is loaded with lists and tips for business success.  And even the best of us can stand to learn a thing or two.

2.  You can skim through large volumes.  With the 140 character limit, you can quickly review news feeds and be selective with your time, choosing to click only on links of interest.

3.  You can build a social community of like-minded souls, promoting and sharing in common interests, and gathering first dibs on new trends in business.  Plus, you can never have too many friends.

Take the twitter challenge.  Set the calculator down, close the books and tweet. #accountantsrus

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